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Pallet Truck: Everything You Need To Know

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about pallet trucks. From the types of pallet truck, their advantages, pallet truck price, and even pallet truck rental.

If you are currently planning to get involved with these trucks, you might want to read the specs first before you can get one, so your money will be worth it.

Without further ado, let’s start with the most basic thing, which is the definition itself!

What is Pallet Truck?

Also known as pallet pump, pump truck, or pallet jack, it is used to lift and move pallets and other things usually within a warehouse. They are also the most basic forms of forklifts.

You might wonder, is that all the functions of a pallet truck? Jack and move things around? Not at all, keep reading to know more!

What Are The Advantages of Having A Pallet Truck?

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Have you ever pondered why some warehouses want to have pallet trucks? Here are some of what you can get by having a pallet truck:

Stability to Place Goods

Moving things around your warehouse manually can be tiring thus why you need pallets and pallet trucks to ease your life! You can place the things on a pallet and move it using the trucks.

Besides making the process a lot faster and easier, they are also very stable due to the flat surface. These pallet trucks are also easy to move around, just by dragging it by the lever.

Lighten The Entire Load

The reason the moving process becomes a lot faster and easier is because you can do more in one go as pallet trucks lighten the load thus more can be carried and things can be done faster.

How Much Can a Pallet Truck Lift?

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Usually pallet trucks can jack up to more than 2 tonnes, while pallet truck powered by electric can carry slightly lesser, that is 1.5 tonnes. Basically the heavier the truck, the more it can carry.

However, this also depends on the jack size, the forks length, and the profile height. Although the electric variety can’t lift as much as the manual version, it costs you less work and energy.

Which Pallet Truck Suits My Company?

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There are various types of pallet trucks and even though all of their functions are to lift and move things, they can differ in many ways. 

So read along to know which fits your company best.

Manual Pallet Truck

This is the most basic and broadly used version. As it is light and easy to be moved around, it is usually used in grocery stores and warehouses.

It can be judged based on overload valves and adjustable pump caps to know the quality level and service life.

Electric Pallet Truck

This popular variety is battery-operated and has a button and a drive wheel that can make the load and unload process much easier. It also requires lesser energy and effort.

Scissor Pallet Truck

This type has crisscrossed legs under the pallet trolley to jack things up efficiently up to 1 tonne. Those of high quality are also extremely durable with patented safety systems on the handle.

Weighing Scale Pallet Truck

This version has an inbuilt weighing scale that allows them to weigh the goods efficiently while moving them. There is also a premier version made by plastic pallet manufacturers in India.

It comes with rechargeable battery and automated tare functions that will be automatically set to zero when the truck is at rest and thus be able to enhance the accuracy of the weighing scale.

Paper-Roll Pallet Truck

Also known as hydraulic reel pallet truck, it particularises in moving cylindrical beams. The high quality ones are resistant to corrosion and easy to move around as it is light.

Stainless Steel Pallet Truck

This variety is indeed a great long-term investment for factories and warehouses as it is corrosion and rust resistant. It is also simple to care and manage due to its basic design.

As it is made of stainless steel, it can withstand extreme temperatures making it the best choice to transport things in and out of cold storage.

All in all, there sure are varieties of pallet truck types and functions so you just have to figure out which one will suit you and your company the best.

If you have decided and want to proceed, you should definitely check out Nishio Rent All (M) Sdn Bhd! It is a company specifies in forklift, construction equipment, and industry 4.0 service.

As you are just starting, this company is a perfect fit for you as they offer such reasonable rental units to cater to your company needs whether it is manual or pallet truck electric powered.

This Shah Alam-based premise has only been offering the best service to their customers as they have a support team with a vast knowledge base in providing the premium solution.

They also offer more than 150 units in Malaysia consisting of a variety of rental fleets to cater to each of their customers’ needs and their units are also made for heavy duties.

Among their specialties would be in pallet trucks and they offer two varieties to choose from that are:

Electric Pallet Truck

pallet truck

  • Load capacity: 1.5 tonne to 2 tonnes
  • Maximum lifting height: 200mm
  • Maximum traveling speed: 6Km/h
  • Brands offered: BT, Jungheinrich, Nichiyu

Hand Pallet Jack

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  • Load capacity: 1.5 tonne to 3 tonnes
  • Fork varieties available: Wide / Standard / Narrow

Having mentioned all that, Nishio Rent All (M) Sdn Bhd is surely worth your shot! For more enquiries, you can visit their website here


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