MiR 100 & MiR 200

Safe and Cost-effective Mobile Robots

The MiR100, MiR200 and MiR250 are safe, cost-effective mobile robots that quickly automate your internal transportation and logistics of smaller parts. The robots optimize workflows, freeing staff resources so you can increase productivity and reduce costs. The highly flexible mobile robots autonomously transport up to 200 kg (440 lbs). They can be mounted with customized top modules such as bins, racks, lifts, conveyors or even a collaborative robot arm—whatever your application demands. Top modules are easy to change so the robot can be redeployed for different tasks

MiR 100

MiR 200


MiR Hook

Autonomously picks up and unioads carts and is ideal for a
wide range of towing jobs. Moves heavy products between locations effectively

The MiR250 sets new standards for internal logistics with a robot that is faster, safer and more agile than any other solution in the same category on the market. The innovative MiR250 is packed with the newest technology, designed for serviceability and it can navigate smoothly and efficiently in dynamic environments – and even drive through doors as narrow as 80 cm.


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